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"The only thing that does not change is change itself"

We know that the change and development of the world is inevitable. However, the nature of this change and development is in our hands. A healthy development with innovation means a healthy future. That's why we don't use any additives in our products and we move forward with health in our future.


about us

We started our activities in 2009 to produce. Since the day we started, we have developed ourselves to produce value-added, innovative and healthy products. In our GG Frozen & Beverage facility, there are lemon products production groups and products produced with the cold brew method. Frozen Lemonade Extract and Cold Brew Coffee are at the forefront of the products we produce. Our production facility has FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 10002, Vegan, Halal Food and IFS Global Markets Food 2 quality certificates. Our company, which has achieved a successful growth in the Turkish market with the knowledge we have gained in production, planning, consultancy, supply, management and marketing processes, successfully represents our brands in the global market with its exports to many countries of the world. Our company is Limmo and La Salvaje for the retail and out-of-home consumption sector.  manufactures with its brands, and also provides supply services to brands as a subcontractor. We are taking firm steps forward to be among the strong players in the global market with our team strength and brands.


Think of a journey from Egypt to China and from there to Anatolia from the 14th century. At the last point of this journey, we are here with the name "Make Limmo Lemonade", which is natural, additive-free and without colorants, ready-made homemade lemonade in "1" minutes at our home, at work or even on the street.

sekersiz lımonata yapbulzu.png

Sugar Free Lemonade?

It's possible ! If your use of sugar will cause you problems and you do not want to give up the lemonade flavor, you should try "Make Limmo Sugar Free Lemonade". We don't think anyone should crave lemonade.

like our mothers did

We squeezed the lemons that were carefully collected in the winter, and immediately froze the vitamin before it was lost, and made it ready for use. All you have to do is open the package!

Limon buzlu_edited.png
Limon Ağacı



Continually  production  our philosophy  technology, sustainability  and  within the framework of quality, scientific  by supporting our country with world-class product and idea production value.  To be among the leading companies of Turkey and the world by carrying out activities that will provide



Our Reason for Existence

By following the developing world and technology, to find solutions to the problems of the consumers related to our sector and to contribute to the growth of the market with these solutions.
To produce and export more for the future of our country, with the philosophy that the one who loves his country the most, produces and brings foreign currency to his country.
To create new concepts, to provide a unique experience to the consumer and to ensure that more brands emerge from our country.


  • We produce reliable food in accordance with the legislation and religious beliefs of our country and the countries we export to.

  • We maximize the satisfaction of our customers, employees and business partners.  We produce in accordance with food safety management systems and provide logistics.

  • in the industry  We continuously improve our product quality and ourselves by following the developments,  We aim to improve.

  • In order to achieve the best, we always improve our quality systems and ensure the sustainability of our management systems.

  • We train our employees in food safety and other areas, and support personnel competency.


Antalya Turkey

First of all, we reveal the beneficial aspects of the values that we produce as solutions to problems and make them sustainable. Innovation  and we apply entrepreneurship at every stage of our work.

Contact us

Çıplaklı Mahallesi Akdeniz Boulevard No:284/1 Döşemealtı ANTALYA 07190

Tel: +90 242 340 33 40

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